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Electromagnetic resonance method is novel prospecting technique used in petroleum exploration, groundwater, ore deposits and civil engineering.

The predominance of this method over other geophysical methods is due to the high accuracy, high resolution and great penetration of which the method is capable (up to 5000 m).

The GEO-EMR is an offspring of electromagnetic method and is based on interaction of the magnetic fields with solids and liquids in the earth, which we called geo-electromagnetic resonance imaging (GEO-EMR).

The principle operation is based on the transmitting beam of certain frequency for each searching compound and detecting reflecting beam at the surface.

GEO-EMR survey includes two methodological approaches:

Profiling is performed to define countours of: oil and gas reservoirs, aquifer and ore deposits. The sensor registers the electromagnetic response of the subsurface and their intensity.

Vertical prospecting is designed for depth measurement of specific compound in the ground. The main application of prospection is to determine the depth of oil and gas reservoirs, aquifers and ore deposits, their thickness and lithological composition.

The method has no negative impact on the environment (no harmful radiation, quakes, etc.).

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