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About us

GEO-EMR is a department of Ekosolar which provides geophysical services in the oil, gas, groundwater and mining exploration industries. We offer extraordinary solutions for some of the most challenging geophysical problems faced by exploration companies throughout the world.

With GEO-EMR method, the company provides geophysical support to companies that need help during geological exploration.

The method is most suitable geophysical service for oil and gas reservoirs, groundwater and ore deposit’s mapping and depth analysis. This technology brings for the first time the capability to identify solids, fluids & gas before exploratory drilling.

We`re a team of highly skilled geophysical engineers, consultants and electrotechnical engineers with over 10 years experience.

Our dynamic team have the ability to provide, combined with other geophysical methods, services for oil and gas, hydrogeology and mining, to increase cost-efficiency of site assessments. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and sustainable solutions to all their engineering and geophysical needs.